Help Make Our Chapter a Bell Chapter!

Sigma Chi has made a difference in the lives of over 300,000 brothers and these brothers want to give back. More importantly they want to give back to where they lived Sigma Chi, their own chapter. The Bell Chapter Challenge provides an excellent opportunity to make this happen and provides your chapter with enhanced benefits from the Foundation.

Your unrestricted, and tax-deductible, gift to the Sigma Chi Foundation will support the key leadership and scholarship programs provided by Sigma Chi for your chapter. These cutting-edge, valuesbased opportunities help change the lives of undergraduates at your chapter, bringing them to their full potential in college and life.

Our chapters need strong, values-based leaders to grow stronger. Engage with your Sigma Chi Foundation today and cultivate tomorrow's leaders!

Bell Chapter Supporters at Zeta Xi:

Tyler A. Aparicio
Richard Berger
Bruce G. Brown
David Chao-Wei Cheng
Chad G. Charton
Alejandro Corral
Brian Frankel

Brian Garcia
Lewis K. Gilmour
James M. Hoxworth
Garrett E. Hunter
Cameron B. Lewis
Zachary I. Mendelsohn
Roy M. Monette

Joshua C. Moore
Chris G. Nehls
Henry Sauceda, Jr.
Michael A. Slor
Reginald P. Treece
Jason R. Zahler
Zachary Zigmond